A Picture Is Worth
A Thousand Words

From time to time, people send us photos of their sjoelbakken in use. Click on the image to learn more. (Note: you may have to disable pop-up blockers.)

What Our Satisfied Customers Are Saying

"It's great looking and great fun! The quality and styling are fabulous."

--Big Daddy Geno, Cedarburg, WI

"It's an addictive game!"

--Peter B., Dover, NH

"I am so happy with the magnificent sjoelbak. It is such a delight to have it in my house, ready to play any time."

--Willemien P., Denver, CO

"It's a beautiful board, and we're having a blast with it!"

--Betsy B., Exeter, NH

"René's workmanship is unsurpassed, and my sjoelbak will be handed down to the next generation."

--Don S., Denver, CO