René Knetsch, the Sjoelbak Crafter

What We Offer

Included with each Sjoelbak is a full set of 32 disks (including 2 extra, in case of loss) which are conveniently stored in the end compartments. When stored, the disks are held in place by a unique wooden lid which is firmly secured by four rare earth magnets. The disks which come with your board are made of cut and sanded Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), and they are the same disks used by René Knetsch at home. They have been tested for hundreds of hours and have proved to be durable and provide an excellent sliding surface. For those desiring the authentic wooden disks, for a small additional charge, we can provide polished beech-wood disks imported from Europe.
The Sjoelbak Crafter has also designed a sjoelbak leg set for those who want to leave their Sjoelbak set up and ready to play at all times. All of our Sjoelbakken are built to accommodate this leg set, which attaches easily underneath the board. The legs provide a sturdy support for the board, and do not extend past the edge of the board, thus taking up a minimum of floor space.